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Armored vehicles

Vehiculo Blindado 3

For the past two decades, SASCorp has worked with the major track and wheeled vehicle platform manufacturers in the development and upgrade of their platforms, participating in all stages of the programs. Throughout these years we have performed a large number of simulations and designs to achieve the best performance of the platforms, including::

  • Armament System. SASCorp has carried out the fluid dynamic simulations and the necessary designs to ensure the correct operation of the VCI turret gas expulsion system under direct contract from the Ministry of Defense, also improving the firing rate capabilities.
  • Fatigue Design. One of the most exclusive works has been the fatigue simulations of complete vehicles, which has allowed us to design numerous structural elements of the platforms. In this way we have provided the main platform designers with the necessary tools to ensure the Spanish Army durable platforms.
  • Reduction of durability levels, barge reinforcement, improvement of the engine cooling system and optimization of the fuel tank.
  • Vision system. SASCorp’s analysis of the vision system led to improvements in the optical systems, which have improved vision and target recognition.

New Platform Development

SASCorp has wide experience in the design and development of armored vehicles, which has led us to collaborate with the main platform manufacturers in their most relevant projects. The platforms we work on are designed to support the high levels of protection required by our clients.

To achieve the such demanding goals, SASCorp has simulated high energy phenomena like mine detonations and IEDS, side falls, roll overs and frontal crashes. These and many other simulations of high computational cost would not be possible without JARVIS, our 20 TFLOPS Advanced Supercomputing Center.

We performed all design validation simulations of armored tracked and wheeled vehicles to ensure their survivability against mines. SASCorp’s enhanced solvers have been certified for their high accuracy, allowing us to reproduce high energy and high strain rate physical behaviors through intensive SPH simulations, aiming to provide our customers with the highest level of technological solutions.

Artillery & Weapon Systems

SASCorp has worked in the design and the simulation of different Weapon Systems, such as 40 mm grenade launchers and 155/52 artillery howitzers.

We have done many studies and designs to improve the power spectral density of the 155/52 artillery howitzers, have allowed us to improve the lifetime of their components and to better isolate the EA from shock propagation after firing, both with magnetic and mechanical isolators and dampers. We also sought the best possible performance of the Weapon System by modifying crucial elements such as the muzzle brake, the chamber or the breech.

  • Useful life. Simulation and incorporation of magnetic and mechanical isolators to attenuate vibrations and shocks, thus protecting the electronic systems of the howitzer.
  • Lethality. Weapon improvements in the muzzle brake, the chamber and the primer holder.
  • Durability. Global design of the platform to mitigate stress and fatigue, which increase the durability of the howitzer tube.

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