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Armored vehicles

ASCOD platform was developed cooperatively between Spain and Austria and it ends with the production of the light combat vehicle Pizarro VCI. For the last two decades, SASCorp has worked with GDSBS in the development and the update of the Pizarro VCI, along every stage of the program. We have performed many simulations and created many designs to push forward the vehicle performance, including but not limited to:

  • Armament System. SASCorp has carried out fluid dynamic simulations and designed solutions to ensure the correct operation of the gas expulsion system of the VCI turret, which has also improve the firing rate capabilities of the vehicle.
  • Fatigue Design. The whole vehicle fatigue simulations were one of our most exclusive works with the Pizarro VCI. Many structural parts of the platform were optimized and improved, thus GDSBS could give a durable platform to the Spanish Army.
  • Fuel tanks. SASCorp, in close collaboration with GDSBS, has designed a system that protects the VCI fuel tanks. We run impact simulations, modal vibration analysis and severe structural load simulations to get a valid design.
  • Vision system. The analysis of the vision system though SASCorp’s simulation led to improvements the optical systems of the vehicle that have improved the performance in the recognition of objetives.

New Platform Development

SASCorp has wide experience in the design and development of armored vehicles, thus GDSBS has chosen us to collaborate in their most relevant projects. All the platforms that we have worked on are designed to reach the highest standards of protection.

To achieve the such demanding goals, SASCorp has simulated high energy phenomena like mine detonations and IEDS, side falls, roll overs and frontal crashes. These and many other simulations of high computational cost would not be possible without JARVIS, our 14 TFLOPS Advanced Supercomputing Center.

  • ASCOD-DK. We performed all the design validation simulation in the ASCOD-DK vehicle to guaranteed the mine survivability. The precision of SASCorp’s advanced solvers was certified by independent organizations in real test, which allows us to accurately reproduce the physical behavior of high energy and high velocity deformations in intensive SPH simulations.
  • VCZAP. Our last design is the VCZAP platform, capable of withstand safely the current set of enemy threats, including the previously noticed and many others. The advantages will turn the ASCOD platform into the best light armor vehicle platform. Therefore, the Spanish Army will have a state-of-the-art sapper vehicle with the best technological solutions.

Artillery & Weapon Systems

SASCorp has worked in the design and the simulation of some Weapon Systems with GDSBS, like the LAG-40 grenade launcher and the SIAC 155/52 howitzer.

We have done many studies and designs to improve the power spectral density of the SIAC 155/52 howitzer that allow a life cycle improvement in its components. In addition, the magnetic and mechanical shock absorbers solution designed by SASCorp isolates the EA from the shock wave after each shot. The performance of the weapon system was also improved with a redesign of critical elements like the muzzle brake, the chamber and the primer holder.

  • Useful life. Simulation and implementation of magnetic and mechanical shock absorbers to attenuate the vibrations and the shock wakes in the howitzer EA.
  • Lethality. Weapon improvements in the muzzle brake, the chamber and the primer holder.
  • Durability. Global design of the platform to mitigate stress and fatigue, which increase the durability of the howitzer tube.

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