Capabilities of a leading company

Capabilities of a leading company

High specialization & experience in Defence to provide technical solutions & develop products quickly and effectively


The Design is in the soul of SASCorp. We look for excellence in all our design solutions and we try to provide the most innovative answers to the challenges requested by our partners and clients. SASCorp Design Team owns many patents that prove out ability to develop new products and concepts, from single components to the global design of an armored vehicle.


The main core of SASCorp is simulation. Our teams are specialized in FEA, FSI and multiphase simulations, what make us one of the leading companies in Europe. Our codes and CAE models have been certified by independent international organizations, as they can accurately reproduce high energy phenomena like mine detonations or IEDs.


The backbone of SASCorp is JARVIS, our Advanced Supercomputing Center. It is composed of last generation CPUs and has more than 1000 cores, 12 TB RAM and 20 TFLOPS, which make JARVIS one of the most powerful private HPC centers in Europe. It is able to launch parallel simulations with both comercial and Defence sector exclusive software, due to its high versatility.

3D Printing

SASCorp has last generation 3D printers, with additive material technology in both filament and powder form.

Workshops and Manufacturing

Our workshops have CNC equipment and welding machines, used to manufacture functional prototypes and products for our clients.

Laboratories and Metrology

Our electronics and high power laboratories have the equipment needed to study, develop and build electronic and control systems. We also have metrology equipment to characterize materials or evaluate products.

Quality Assurance

SASCorp Quality Department ensures that our activities meet the ISO 9001:2015 and Pecal 2110 requirements. Periodic external audits certify the fulfillment of our Quality Plans.