Response against the COVID-19

High precision numerical simulation

SASCorp offers its supercomputing, analysis and modeling capabilities to help understand the Covid-19 problem through CFD simulation and in collaboration with the Healzid group. Our simulations have been shown on national television networks, with top-level doctors and virologists relying on them to raise awareness about the potential transmission of COVID-19, provide their recommendations and propose possible solutions. Different scenarios have been simulated to reveal the possible interactions and the role of certain variables such as air conditioning in the mechanics of virus dispersal. Studies that have led to the conclusion that efficient air renewal, where the flow rates, the orientation of the air outlets and inlets and the location of the passage areas in relation to the circulating air flow are carefully studied, significantly reduces the risk of infection. For all these simulations, the infection process has been modeled in terms of concentration and time, where each individual exhales and inhales a volume of air corresponding to normal respiration during the simulated activity. In addition, the temperature and thermal radiation of each person are included, in order to study the effect of convection on the dispersion mechanics of the aerosol. Our great calculation capacity allows us to carry out large-scale simulations with a high degree of detail, which model the dispersion of aerosols in the field, giving more precise and real results than conventional calculations using particles.

  • Restaurant

    The behavior of a closed environment with air conditioning is simulated, with 31 people located around tables and living together in the same space, with the aim of knowing the degree of implication of the local air conditioning system in the mechanics of virus dispersal.

  • Call Center

    The behavior of a closed work environment with a high staff density is simulated, with 136 people sitting at tables in an open room. The premises in question have air conditioning without air renewal.

  • Train Car

    The behavior of the environment of a high-speed train car is simulated. The wagon has air conditioning with renewed air conditioning and without recirculation of polluted air.

  • Comercial Flight

    The behavior of a commercial airplane environment is simulated. The aircraft has air conditioning with air conditioning renewal and without recirculation of polluted air. For this scenario, it is assumed that there is total air renewal.

  • Subway Car

    The behavior of the surroundings of a subway car is simulated. The wagon does not have air renewal through the air conditioning system. However, the air that enters the interior of the car through the access doors is uncontaminated air. It does have recirculation of polluted air through the grilles.

3D Print

SASCorp uses its additive design and manufacturing capacity providing sanitary components and protective equipment to professionals who take part in the fight against Covid-19 in León. Thanks to the effort and great involvement of the entire SASCorp team, a total of about 1,000 health screens have been manufactured, which have been distributed to the sectors most exposed to this pandemic, including health personnel, State Security Forces and Bodies , nursing homes, centers for people with disabilities, and pharmacy and supermarket staff. In addition, pieces have been made available to various hospitals in León that allow the Decathlon diving mask to be adapted as an aerator for Covid-19 patients, thus responding to the needs of our health workers in these difficult times. With this initiative, SASCorp joins the fight against the pandemic, supporting all those people who, with their sacrifice and effort, contribute to our society.