Engineerings solutions that create competitive advantages

Advanced Simulations

SASCorp’s physicist and engineers are specialized in high precision dynamic explicit simulations, FSI and multiphase, which make us one of the leading companies in the Defence sector.

Our modes can accurately predict the behavior of the materials in high energy models, with hardening and high stress and strain. We have access to restricted and confidential databases, exclusives of the sector, where we can get equation of states that model faithfully high velocity physics.

All our simulations are based on the detailed CAD models prepared by SASCorp Design Team. We work with our own designs, carrying out internal R&D projects; but also with geometries from our clients, in consulting or auditing tasks.

Survivability Systems Design

SASCorp has the most advanced software and tools and owns proprietary codes with scientific application in Defence field. This let us perform mine blast and IEDs simulations, develop protection systems agains threats and simulate internal and external ballistics or crashes with the highest precision.

Our experience in protection systems allows us to design, audit and advise in this expensive, complex and exclusive field, thus our clients can achieve a great added value in their products.

All of these with the guarantee that SASCorp’s mine simulation models have been validated in real tests by independent international organizations, placing them at the leading-edge of the sector in Europe in precision.

Detonation of mine under the belly of an armored vehicle

Mine detonation under an armored vehicle chain

Homeland Security

SASCorp provides advice to Governments and designs protection systems for strategic facilities within the scope of Homeland Security. We are able to simulate the effects and the security measures against any kind of threat, from standard high explosives to chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

SASCorps offers comprehensive UAV design and engineering solutions from concept to realization. Our teams utilize advanced CAD and CAE softwares to provide detailed and accurate analysis of aircraft aerodynamics and structural systems.

Our experience and knowledge in the development of HALE UAV allow us to innovate and bring support in critical areas like flight dynamics simulations under special conditions, high-lift and aeroelasticity analysis, design optimizations, propulsion-airframe integration, isolation of onboard systems and system engineering.