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    C/ La Vaguada 11. Polígono Industrial de Trobajo del Camino.
    24010 Trobajo del Camino (León) – Spain

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    +34 987 288 578
    Service hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm.

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    SASCorp Structural Aerospace Systems

Do you want to work in SASCorp?

If you are interested in working with us, please leave you resume in our headquarters or send it to our email.

Technician specialized in Simulation

We look for professionals able to understand physical, biological, or chemical phenomena, so the most common profiles come from those same scientific disciplines and engineering. FEM/FEA and CFD knowledge are required, together with fluid Spanish and English languages, and analysis and synthesis capabilities to write technical reports. Postgraduate studies in simulation and postprocessing knowledge such as video editing and photorealistic rendering are also valuable.

Technician specialized in Designing

This archetype includes any degree in physics, engineering, biotechnology or any other related to design complex electronics, mechanical or structural systems. Knowledge of CAD 3D and fluid Spanish and English language are required, while CAM and CAE knowledge and postgraduate studies (like CATIA Master or PhD) are desirable.

Technician specialized in Manufacturing

We look for qualified professionals, trained in tolerance management in manual drawing, and in programming and use of CAD machining, additive printing and welding robots. We are also interested in European and International welding engineers (EWE/IWE) with CESOL accreditation. In both cases, knowledge of manufacturing processes will be valued positively.