Today, we have received the visit of the machining students from the CIFP León. SASCorp strongly stands up for the professional education as a key in the society and the national economy. With this visit, that caused big interest among the students, they have had the opportunity to discover the job market of the engineering industry on a first hand view, as well as to discover our capabilities.

SASCorp and Escribano Mechanical & Engineering were visited by the Spanish SDG Pedro Fuster and his team from the Spanish SDG INREID. This visit was essential to learn about the abilities of both partners and to know more about the strategic partnership that will offer the best technological solutions in the market.



On November 27, the AESMIDE Forum was held on the occasion of the celebration of its 35th anniversary. The sponsors of the event presented a gift to every speaker. Our CEO Pedro Luis Merino had the honor of delivering the gift after the inauguration to the Spanish DGAM, Alm. Santiago Ramón González Gómez.

SASCorp was one of the main sponsors of the Forum and our General Director, Pedro Luis Merino, participated as a speaker at the round table, presenting his point of view on the role of the Associations and their collaboration with the Administration.






Following the National Industrial Cooperation policy that Institutions and Armed Forces have been requesting for several years, Escribano Mechanical & Engineering and SASCorp, two leading and unique companies in their respective fields, have decided to join to become the design, engineering and manufacturing solution leader in Spain in the field of Defense.

This union goes beyond an industrial cooperation, since it is a business integration under the same technical directive, which positions them as the sole designer and manufacturer of Defense solutions with a wide range of capabilities and technologies. Its objective is clear: to contribute to position the national Defense industry at the forefront of the sector, becoming the reference technological partner of the national industry and with an ambitious process of internationalization and export.

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On November 27th, AESMIDE celebrates its 35th anniversary with a Forum that will analyze how the Administration, Industry and public-private collaboration has evolved during these years in the field of the Armed Forces and Security and also in the rest of the Public Administration.

SASCorp is one of the main sponsors of this event and its CEO, Mr. Pedro Luis Merino Flecha, will participate as a speaker at the roundtable “Administratición y Empresa”, which will take place at the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre at 11:45 AM

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Within the framework of the IX Semana Naval, the Spanish Navy organized a technological seminar focused on cybersecurity against the threats of the future. It dealt with issues such as collaboration between universities and Defense in R & D & I, the elements of risk present in today’s society, technological and conventional threats and military-civil cooperation as an impulse of the different world powers in technology .

In the context of the latter, Pedro Luis Merino, CEO of SASCorp, pointed out as essential “the combination of infrastructure, human equipment, weapons and resources to achieve success in the prevention of cyberterrorism”, while presenting the problem of extreme dependence on the technological systems that exist today, which increases vulnerability.

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From September 19 to 29, the IX Semana Naval is celebrated in Madrid, an event that was born with the objective of raising public awareness about the maritime dimension of Spain and bringing the Navy closer to the population. This edition is dedicated to the commemoration of the V Centenary of the first round-the-world trip and it will be attended by speakers from leading R & D & I companies and representatives of the Navy’s Engineering and Construction area.

Don Pedro Luis Merino, CEO of SASCorp, will give the presentation number 2 on September 24, in the Auditorium of the Rectorate of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, within the framework of a program that will take place between 11 am and 1 pm.

Triptych of September 24 of the IX Semana Naval

IX Semana Naval program

The Forum 2E+I-Fuerza 35, which will be held in Toledo from October 1 to 3 of this year, is the second edition of the Forum Ejército-Empresas, a space for open dialogue between the Army, universities and research centers and industry with the objective of promoting the exchange of ideas, regardless of the commercial and contractual scope.

SASCorp is part of the Silver Sponsors of this event, in which the needs and opportunities of the Brigada 2035 can be identified, the model that is being designed for the adaptation of the Spanish Army to the operational environment that is foreseen in the horizon of that year .

Official page of the Forum Ejército-Empresas

The event was hold at Torrejón Air Base on the 18th of June.

In the first edition of the international exhibition of defence and security (FEINDEF), which began last Wednesday, SASCorp exhibited a MALE (Medium Altitude, Long Endurance) UAV with VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) capability and dual flight mode.

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The new Engineering Combat Vehicle (VCZAP) had an important role in the FEINDEF. Developed by General Dynamics European Land Systems – Santa Bárbara Sistemas with the active participation of SASCorp, this ECV presents a hull with a higher level of protection than the rest of the members of the Pizarro family, with a multitude of adaptive equipment and exterior cameras to improve the situational awareness. SASCorp has used its advanced supercomputing capability to design a platform capable of withstanding current and future threats. For this purpose we have simulated high energy physical phenomena, side falls, rollovers and crashes.

In addition, the VCZAP can incorporate the VTOL UAV Heimdall/Ares, developed by SASCorp, which can carry two AGM or AAM missiles and a specialized radar to analyze the ground density in order to detect mines or IED’s.

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After more than 12 years of collaboration in the development of engineering projects of several armored vehicles and weapon systems, SASCorp and GDSBS have signed a new collaboration agreement that makes the relation between both companies wider and deeper, as they become Strategic Partners. The synergies between GDSBS and SASCorp will let us reach new R&D and industrial goals, as we join the unquestionable and consolidated capabilities and experience of GDSBS, and the exclusive capabilities in design and HPC simulations of SASCorp.

The most recent joint success is the development of the new sapper’s vehicle VCZAP for the Spanish Army. This new member of the ASCOD platform has the higher anti-tank mine protection in the market and improved dynamic and ergonomic capabilities, as the result of the side by side work of both companies.

Other reasons that have led GDSBS to choose SASCorp as Strategic Partner are the large computational power, thanks to our private supercomputing center; and the exclusive and precise high energy models, especially for mine and IED simulations, which have been validated in real tests, in addition to special application capabilities, like nuclear event simulations.

The signing of this new collaboration agreement between SASCorp and General Dynamics Santa Bárbara Sistemas will value the synergies between both companies, which will expand and successfully tackle a new horizon of major challenges and projects.

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From May 29 to 31, the first edition of the International Defense Exhibition (FEINDEF) will be held at IFEMA in Madrid, an event in which the capabilities of Defense and Security industry will be shown within the framework of the European Defense Action Plan (EDAP), the new Defense policy of the European Union.

This is the first fair of its kind held in Spain, and it is organized by the business associations of the sector, AESMIDE and TEDAE, with the sponsorship of companies such as Escribano Mechanical & Engineering, General Dynamics-Santa Bárbara Sistemas, Indra, SASCorp, Leonardo, Lockheed Martin or Urovesa, and the support of the Ministry of Defense. It is expected to involve the main national and international defense companies, as well as various delegations around the world.

FEINDEF Official Website | article

GDSBS and SASCorp will present the VCZAP at the 6th National Congress of R&D in Defence and Security (DESEi+d 2018), which will take place at the Army’s Academy of Cavalry located in Valladolid, during November 20, 21 and 22 of 2018.

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The company GDSBS confirmed last week in the first Forum “Army-Enterprises” in Toledo the delivery of the first Pizarro Combat Vehicle for Sappers (VCZAP) to the Spanish Army later this year.
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GDSBS and SASCorp presented the first Combat Vehicle for Sappers (VCZAP) in the Conference “Fuerzas Terrestres 2035”, where they unveiled the technologies and materials that will be key in the Army of the future.

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The first class of high school students of the Peñacorada International School that have benefited from the creation of the Technological Lab implemented by SASCorp, has celebrated its graduation which has been attended by the Mayor of León, our CEO and distinguished personalities.

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